Fluid UI Creation with Qt Quick Controls 2

Qt Quick Controls (QQC) are ready-made UI components, which boost the QML-based UI creation. The separation of a control logic and styling makes them easily applicable in traditional desktop UIs as well as in fluid gesture-based UIs in mobile and embedded devices. In the training, the UI creation with QQCs will be described. This includes creation of application windows, containing menus, views, pages, transitions, and obviously all kinds of UI controls. The essential part of the training is to learn how to use Qt Quick Layouts to create scalable UIs. The ready-made styles as well as creation of custom styles will be covered as well. QQC 2 will eventually replace QQC 1, even though some controls are still available in QQC 1 only. By studying the implementation differences, attendees will learn, how to create memory efficient and responsive custom QML components.
track icon Trainings
duration icon 210 min
language icon English