Making secure and reliable cars using Separation and Virtualization Technologies

The vehicle and mobility industry is dealing with the trend of bringing different electronic domains onto a single platform. This leads to the challenge of enabling applications with more strictly security and safety requirements to work in a secure environment on a single platform. Moreover, the increasingly interconnected nature of a vehicle’s control modules means there is no safety without security. Security features must include not just physical access and protection of confidential information, but also critical safety systems. On one hand, INTEGRITY, the separation kernels of Green Hills Software, provides the capabilities embedded designers need to enforce the policies of separation, damage limitation, and information flow control as well as provide secure networking for today’s more complex and connected applications. On the other hand the robust and portable virtualization Infrastructure of INTEGRITY Multivisor, with an architecture flexible enough to handle the wide variety of hardware capabilities available across today’s microprocessors, maximizes the use of available hardware virtualization facilities while minimizing or eliminating modifications to guest operating systems. This talk looks into different use-cases and scenarios opened by separation kernels and virtualization technologies, such as the combination of Advanced Driver Assistance System, In Vehicle Infotainment and Automotive Cluster applications running in a single hardware Platform. For each scenario, we also examine the security and safety aspects.
track icon Leonardo
duration icon 60 min
language icon English